The Team

Becca Peixotto


Becca documenting a tree root mass

Becca Peixotto is a PhD candidate focusing on historical archaeology and resistance landscapes of the Great Dismal Swamp. Her areas of specialization and interest are historic landscapes, material culture, ideas of wilderness, and public engagement with the past. She embraces scientific methods such as pXRF, remote sensing and GIS in order to address theoretical, social and historical questions. Becca is involved in several projects outside of the Dismal Swamp including the National Geographic/Wits University Rising Star Expedition which excavated the fossils of Homo naledi and the Maryland Historic Trust/Archaeology Society of Maryland Biggs Ford project investigating Middle and Late Woodland villages. Becca also actively supports open access and efforts to encourage women and girls in science.

Emily Shames

Emily Shames

Emily’s first day in the Swamp

Hi everyone! My name is Emily Shames and I’m out here this week doing my best to help out Becca with her survey of the Dismal Swamp. I finished undergrad last year with a double major in archaeology (Near Eastern focus)and geology. Currently, I work for Outward Bound Baltimore. When I heard that Becca was looking for some surveying help, I immediately jumped at the opportunity!




Ella Beaudoin

Ella Beaudoin

Ella flintknapping

Hi! I’m Ella, an undergraduate at American university studying archaeology! I am focusing on paleolithic technology and am fascinated by the archaeology of colonialism and liberation. This is my first time in the swamp and I am so excited to be here learning a new environment and new techniques!







Emily at the Total Station


Emily Duncan

profile coming soon